The year 2017 brought with it a most precious gift for our family.

Young Nikhil, son of Neha and Varun landed on planet Earth on 11 Nov 2017. With the arrival of Nikhil, a new phase of our life has begun.

We are now grandparents!

This is him, the young fellow himself, cradled lovingly in his mothers lap! The Varma clan is elated and at the same time, thankful that Neha and Nikhil are in good health. Both Kiran and Rohit were able to spend time with the baby in Singapore and look forward to more togetherness next year.
Young Nikhil is keeping his parents busy. Neha is on her toes all the time and Varun has turned out to be a super dad. All the staff at the hospital were impressed with the confidence of the young parents. They burp the baby like you would not believe!

Sameer completed his flying training and joined Indigo as a Junior First Officer. Father and son have some great discussions on the dining table now!

Rohit continues to fly with Indigo and tries to golf once in a while. His hobby of flying drones is going great guns. He is on his second drone, the first one having literally gone with the wind!

Kiran is wielding the whip and keeping everyone in line! Her life lessons are coming in handy for the family and the neighbours. Just holding Nikhil brought back some great memories of her own babies, she says!

We plan to meet more friends and family in 2018 so stay prepared!

We wish all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2018.
May you always have blues skies, favourable winds and happy landings!

Family Varma

Bangalore, India