It is said that time flies. That is how I feel about 2016. The year was filled with family, friends and travel. We travelled to meet family and friends all over India and abroad. I can say that this year, we could meet most of the clan and spend time with them, something we really cherish. Not all the travel was for pleasure. Rohit and Varun were on the road (or shall I say Sky?), a lot, in connection with their work. Neha, the beauty and brains of the family, is enjoying her work as an Economist.  Neha and Varun have fallen into the category of long, happily married householders. Rohit and I spent some happy, lazy moments in their beautiful new apartment. Young Sameer is on track to become an airline pilot soon and regularly challenges his dad on aviation related questions!

We enjoy gardening and are trying to grow our own herbs and flowers and learning that it is not as simple as it looks. It gives me great pleasure to cook fresh, home grown spinach, even though it is just a small bunch. Celery from our garden is the prime ingredient in Rohit’s Bloody Mary’s which you all are invited to enjoy.

My favourite quote for the coming year is “life is learning and learning is life” – so here’s to all the new things we intend to learn next year. May the good lord keep the child alive in each one of us. From our entire family to all of you, we wish you all the very best for the holiday season and the New Year.

May you all stay blessed, healthy and full of “joie de vivre” in 2017 and beyond !!

Family Varma, India